Our Team

Board of Directors

President – Dr. Linda Heitzman-Powell

Dr. Heitzman-Powell, IBT’s founder and executive director, has worked for the last 25 years with children with behavioral challenges, and more specifically during the last 8 years with children with Autism and other developmental disabilities. She received 4 years of supervised training at the University of Kansas Medical Center in the Child Development Unit where she gained substantial experience in the assessment and diagnosis of Autism and other disabilities. In addition, she has extensive experience working with children with other forms of challenging behaviors such as ADHD, Disruptive Behavior Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and Eating Disorders.  In addition to her role as IBT’s Executive Director and President of the Board, Dr. Linda serves as a behavioral consultant for several children served by IBT and holds an appointment at the University of Kansas Medical Center as the Director of Community Research of The Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training.

Vice-President – Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson is the co-founder of the Kansas City Autism Training Center with Dr. Linda Heitzman-Powell.  He continues to serve on the board of IBT to help promote access in rural and home and community based settings. The Gardner, Kan., resident, serves as the Executive Director of the Center, and was instrumental in creating the Center to provide professional, research based interventions and training for children diagnosed with autism spectrum and their families.

Vice President, Instructional Technology – Dr. Jay Buzhardt

Dr. Buzhardt’s interests focus on the development, implementation and evaluation of technology-based instruction and assessment. He has directed and co-directed several federally and locally funded projects that integrate web-based instruction with traditional face-to-face and classroom training. He is also the co-director of a project aimed at developing and experimentally evaluating the use of early childhood developmental assessments with web-based support and customized intervention advice.

Secretary/Treasurer – Dr. Monika Suchowierska

Dr. Monika Suchowierska received her doctorate from the University of Kansas and moved back to her home country of Poland to provide Autism services. She founded the Center for Early Intervention Step-by-Step and is on the forefront of developing and disseminating knowledge about behavior analysis as a science of behavior and about the radical behaviorism of B. F. Skinner as a philosophy of this science in Poland.

Member – Jeff Blackwood

Jeff Blackwood is the co-founder, CEO and President of ABPathfinder, a company dedicated to using technology solutions to improve the lives of therapists and individuals with Autism. Jeff ‘s passion for helping children combined with his management skills drove him to be a founder of ABPathfinder, giving him an opportunity to positively affect the lives of children on the Autism spectrum. In addition to IBT, Jeff serves on the board of the Autism Society – the Heartland.

Administrative Staff

Clinical Supervisor and Manager – Kari Wold

Ms. Wold began working in mental/behavioral health in 2007 while in her undergraduate program. She first began working at IBT in 2014 as a direct service provider and an intern while completing her MA in psychology at Washburn University. After graduating, she remained on at IBT and transitioned from an intern and DSP to a clinician working directly with clients and overseeing and managing the assessment clinic. She has worked with children, adolescents, and young adults with IDD, anxiety, phobias, mood disorders, and behavioral challenges for 11 years. Ms. Wold is responsible for coordinating many of the clinical services, overseeing and supervising staff, and other administrative duties at IBT in addition to carrying a small caseload and providing psych consultation to consultants in house to help manage cases where co-morbid diagnoses are present.

Chief Financial Officer – Christopher Powell


Executive Assistant – Beth Eaton


Administrative Assistant – Misty Huber


Authorizations and Billing Manager – Paige Boydston


Lead Clinical Staff