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Identified Trainings & Resources 

Webinars, Workshops, Talks, etc. WIBA 2019- Expert Panel: Leaders in Diversity, Respect and Inclusion $29.99 & 2 Ethics CEUs for BCBAs  

WIBA 2019- Cultural Humility and the Practice of Applied Behavior Analysis $19.99 & 1 Ethics CEU for BCBAs 

WIBA 2019- Cultural Responsiveness in Behavior Analytic Practice $19.99 & 1 Ethics CEU for BCBAs  

WIBA 2019- Racial, Gender, and Linguistic Diversity in Applied Behavior Analysis: An Analysis and Implications for Training and Practice $FREE & 1 Ethics CEU for BCBAs  

WIBA 2020- Behavior Analysis in the Age of COVID-19, Social Unrest, and Discrimination $19.99 & 1 Ethics CEU  

WIBA 2020- A Call to Action: Supporting Black Lives in the Workplace, our Service Delivery, and the Community $19.99 & 1.5 Ethics CEUs  

WIBA 2020- Coalition, Competition, and the Coveted Seat at the Table: People of Color Organizations Navigating Traditionally White Only Spaces in Solidarity $19.99 & 1 Ethics CEU  

WIBA 2020- Workshop: A Quest to Becoming Culturally Competent $49.99 & 3 Ethics CEU  

Open Access, Online Resources, Etc. Beautiful Humans Facebook Page Two Beautiful Humans addressing systemic oppression by bridging the gap between behavior analysis and social justice Denisha she/her Arin they/them Become a Patreon at 

Beautiful Human Podcast- Ep 16: Pyramidal Training to Teach Behavior Analytic principles to Latinx Families  

Beautiful Human Podcast- Ep 23: Competence in Applied Behavior Analysis: It is more than a Checkmark*  

Beautiful Human Podcast- Ep 14: Sticks and Stones: The Intersection of Verbal Behavior and Immigration  

Online Resource, Available Events, General Support UncomfortableX

UncomfortableX is a low-cost provider of behavior analytic continuing education, via live events and webinars (live and pre-recorded). We are committed to bringing traditionally underrepresented and marginalized voices and topics to a larger audience, making space to increase diversity in the fields of behavior analysis, education and science… 

It is free to join the community and access our Members Only activism resources, networking forum and more. Membership plans are available to support our events and continuation of this platform. We’ve been here since 2017 and will be around until we work ourselves out of a need for existence. We look forward to that day! 

Events for this website located here: 

Association of Professional Behavior Analysts Online events  

Readings Presented in IBT’s Original Statement Note: Many of these reading materials were compiled by individuals outside of IBT and we thank them for their dedication and time in making so much material accessible on a wide scale. For more information on the Black Lives Matter movement and #WhatMatters2020 

George Floyd: Timeline of black deaths caused by police 

If you’re unsure how you can help create change, what doesn’t work, and what works (compiled by Samuel Sinyangwe) FULL RESOURCE LIBRARY

Use of Force Study

Effect of Local Non-Profits on Violent Crime 

Information on being a culturally competent practitioner