IBT Parent Cafe Series

IBT’s Parent Cafe Series supported by PDG Quality Subgrant:

Parent Cafe Series #1:

Series 1, Parent Cafe 1:  The Power of Reinforcement

Series 1, Parent Cafe 2:  Establishing and Maintaining Routine

Series 1, Parent Cafe 3:  Increasing Social/Emotional and Academic Success during a Pandemic

Series 1, Parent Cafe 4:  Community Readiness during COVID-19

Parent Cafe Series #3:

Series 3, Parent Cafe 1:  Coming Soon!


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Here are the LEND postdocs short video series and these might be helpful for teachers who can then share with parents:

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  • UncomfortableX is a low-cost provider of behavior analytic continuing education via live events and webinars (live and pre-recorded). We are committed to bringing traditionally underrepresented and marginalized voices and topics to a larger audience, making space to increase diversity in the fields of behavior analysis, education, and science… 
  • It is free to join the community and access our Members Only activism resources, networking forum, and more. Membership plans are available to support our events and the continuation of this platform. We’ve been here since 2017 and will be around until we work ourselves out of a need for existence. We look forward to that day! 
  • Events for this website located here


Association of Professional Behavior Analysts Online events 

Readings Presented in IBT’s Original Statement Note:  Many of these reading materials were compiled by individuals outside of IBT, and we thank them for their dedication and time in making so much material accessible on a wide scale.

If you’re unsure how you can help create change, what doesn’t work, and what works (compiled by Samuel Sinyangwe):  FULL RESOURCE LIBRARY

Militarization and Police Violence:  The Case of the 1033 Program

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