IBT Parent Cafe Series

IBT’s Parent Cafe Series supported by PDG Quality Subgrant:

Parent Cafe Series #1:

Series 1, Parent Cafe 1:  The Power of Reinforcement

Series 1, Parent Cafe 2:  Establishing and Maintaining Routine

Series 1, Parent Cafe 3:  Increasing Social/Emotional and Academic Success during a Pandemic

Series 1, Parent Cafe 4:  Community Readiness during COVID-19

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Here are some short videos and links that might be helpful for parents or teachers who can then share with parents:

Staff Resources and Tools

Identified Trainings & Resources 

Online Resource, Available Events, General Support:

Association of Professional Behavior Analysts Online events 

Readings Presented in IBT’s Original Statement Note:  Many of these reading materials were compiled by individuals outside of IBT, and we thank them for their dedication and time in making so much material accessible on a wide scale.

If you’re unsure how you can help create change, what doesn’t work, and what works (compiled by Samuel Sinyangwe):  FULL RESOURCE LIBRARY

Militarization and Police Violence:  The Case of the 1033 Program

HTRC – Heartland Telehealth Resource Center

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