IBT strives to meet the needs of children, their families, and the communities they serve.  For that reason, IBT works with families, individuals, and communities to develop services that meet their needs.  The list below includes services that IBT commonly provides. However, if what you need is not on the list, please get in touch with us, and we will work with you to develop the service and plan that fits your individual, family, or community needs.

Home and Community Based ABA Services

We partner with many state and federal programs to make services available to families. In addition, we provide in-home services to teach children in the natural environment and make services accessible to all families with children with autism.

We currently provide services under the following programs:

  • Kansas HCBS Autism Waiver
  • Kansas HCBS
  • IDD Waiver ECHO/Demonstration Project
  • Kansas State Employee Health Plan

We also work with families to bill their insurance and offer a sliding fee scale to families who pay directly for our services.

We work to provide the best possible services, so we take pride in our providers. Providers maintain CPR and First Aid certifications and pass state and federal background checks. Providers receive 40 hours of initial training in addition to ongoing supervision and training. We also conduct reliability checks and provide feedback regularly for providers working with our families.

Parent Training

We offer parent training to families of children with autism and other behavioral issues in our Basehor office, client home, and over telemedicine using a behavioral framework.  Sessions are generally provided weekly or bi-weekly and target basic behavioral management, effective teaching strategies, and individually identified goals.  We work with insurance companies to cover this service when possible and offer a sliding fee schedule for families who pay directly.

Behavioral Assessment & Consultation

We work with treatment teams, families, and schools to provide Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA), individualized behavior plans, and training for individuals and groups.  Services may include those targeted towards a specific child, classroom, or community. In addition, IBT also offers targeted or ongoing training to schools, groups, or individuals.  Please contact us for more information and discuss your individual or organizational needs regarding these services.

Psychological Services

IBT provides several psychological services, including individual therapy and diagnostic assessments. The assessment clinic serves individuals and families, ages one to 50+ years of age. We offer a variety of assessments including, but not limited to:

Diagnostic assessments for the following:

  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Other psychological disorders

Additional assessments for the following:

  • Cognitive and language assessments
  • Adaptive living assessments

We also conduct Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA’s) and assessments needed to reauthorize ABA services such as the Vineland-3, PDDBI, and SRS-2.

Internships & Supervision Opportunities

IBT offers several supervision and training opportunities for individuals working towards their Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA), Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) certifications throughout the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) as well individuals in their bachelor and masters level psychology and music therapy programs working towards their degree or licensure. IBT offers these services at an hourly rate for non-employees, a discounted rate for affiliates, and NO COST for IBT employees. Please contact the front office if you are interested in pursuing supervised experience.

Workshops & Type 2 CE Credits

IBT offers workshops and training in the areas of:

  • Positive Behavior Support
  • Behavioral assessment and treatment planning
  • Evidence-based interventions for individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Identifying and referring families for developmental concerns in the classroom
  • Including children with ASD in the school setting
  • And much more!!


The K.I.D.S. Place is an early learning and childcare center in McLouth, Kansas. They provide a nurturing environment that supports children’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs. The K.I.D.S. Place offers care to children ages 1 year up to 14 years.

The Infant Program, Toddler Program, Pre-K Program, and School Age and Summer Program are curriculums designed to enhance and develop children to the best of their abilities at all stages.

The KIDS Place is a unique environment that provides early learning for children and houses an autism clinic for its umbrella company, IBT, where children have access to ABA intervention but can also integrate into the childcare classrooms to be with like-aged children peers.


IBT-C provides autism and behavioral intervention services in a one-on-one setting with opportunities for social skills practice and inclusion with typically developing peers. Many staff at The KIDS Place are dual trained as teachers in the classrooms and as intensive individual support (IIS) providers who work with children on the autism spectrum. 

In addition to teaching qualifications, dual staff also receive 40 hours of initial training in working with children with autism, plus ongoing supervision, reliability checks, and feedback regularly. In addition, each child who receives autism services has an individual treatment team that includes an autism specialist or a BCBA and IIS providers.

The autism specialist or BCBA works closely with families, completes criterion-referenced assessments, and creates an individualized treatment plan to work with the child on a wide variety of behavioral, socialization, and communication skills. The IIS providers work with the child on skills written in the treatment plan in both the clinic and classroom settings and then graphs the child’s progress. In addition, the treatment team meets with the family regularly to communicate and collaborate on ideas for the child’s success.

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